Monday, February 26, 2018

Feb 26th, MRI update

I am very over due on this update.
My most recent MRI had a small blip on the radar. My Neurosurgeon had initially thought it was the cancer back. After he consulted with other neurosurgeons and oncologists, he has pulled back on that thought. Here is why. The "growth" was 1 mm. Lets start with that. That is about the size of a ball in a ball point pen. Tiny right! Lets add do it the fact that it is being measured by a human (presumably with a mouse). That could be the deviation right there. Add to the fact that the tech that read it, did not have my full history. Also, there is a lot of scar tissue and (stuff) in there that will move around a tad bit. Heck, I might have taken a breath at that exact moment causing it to be off.

With all of that said. We will take another MRI in 6 weeks (1/2 the normal time) and compare at that time. If at that time, we see progression (bad) then (quote from Neurosurgeon) "We call up the oncologist, have him fire up the microwave and hit the nuke button". 
So with all of that said, the great big sigh of relief you heard was from me.

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